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I first began scrapbooking in 1981 when my oldest daughter started kindergarten, of course scrapbooking has sure evolved in the years since then and so has my own scrapbooking.
 I love to scrapbook & I love Close to My Heart Products. My desire is to share with you my love of scrapbooking memories, and ideas for making cards, scrapbooking layouts and home décor`. To order supplies I have used, and for tons of ideas, go to my website, www.inkypaws.closetomyheart.com

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gratitude with an Attitude

Welcome to the Stampers with an Attitude Blog Hop!   Our  blog hop is a circular hop. The Stampers with an Attitude are excited to show you our Gratitude with an Attitude artwork , so here we go. . To get to the next blog, you just click on the link to the next blog on the bottom of this post.

The blogger in front of me is  Catherine Nowak  So if you got to my Blog from there you are on the right track.

I made a basic version and an embellished vesion. Here is a list of supplies for my cards:  Stamp Sets - D1558 Washi Wonder, C1533 Fabulous You, and A1117 A Typeface. Inks - Z2137 Olive, Z2175 Cashmere, Z2101 Autumn Terracotta, Z2118 Desert Sand, and Z2104 Barn Red. I also used some of our Z1760 Burlap Ribbon, Z1764 Floret Paper Flowers, Z1333 Mocha Opaques


The next blogger on the hop is  Melissa Robinson

Here is a list of all the blogs along the hop, so if you get lost you can always use this.

November Gratitude with an Attitude Final Blog Hop List
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  2. LaJeania Hicks ~ http://scraptilyoudrop.blogspot.com/
  3. Melinda Everitt ~ http://ifyoublingit.blogspot.com
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  5. Becky McClain ~ http://beckysstudio-cards.blogspot.com
  6. Sandra VanWoerden ~ http://OhMyScraps2U.blogspot.com
  7. Catherine Nowak ~ http://catscrapbooking.com
  8. Barbi Kelley ~ http://barbispapercreations.blogspot.com/2013/11/gratitude-with-attitude.html
  9. Melissa Robinson ~ http://mlisrobinson.blogspot.com/2013/11/gratitude-with-attitude-artwork-hop.html
  10. Jen Patrick~ http://roxybonds-scrappin.blogspot.com
  11. Sheila Bennett ~ http://sheila-bennett.blogspot.com
  12. Hilary Reynolds~http://stampcraftyreader.blogspot.com
  13. Di Crawford ~ http://scrapwithdi.blogspot.com


  1. Barbi: Great card - didn't realize you had a blog - Remember me from several years ago from the group under Shari?

  2. Yes Helena I do, are you still in Selma? Still a consultant? I have had a blog for awhile but just lately trying to be more consistent with posting.

  3. BTW everyone I got the idea for this card from my awesome upling Shari last month when she had us do a similar one with Sparkle and Shine papers.

  4. Love that you showed two versions. They're both wonderful!

  5. Fantastic card. Love them both. Colors are great too.