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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stampers with Attitude January 2014 Blog Hop

Welcome to the Stampers with an Attitude January Blog Hop!  

The blogger in front of me is Jen Patricka great friend and awesome crafter. 
If you missed her post you can either hop back or catch her at the end of your hopping.
The Stampers with an Attitude are excited to show artwork with 
Close to My Heart Washi tape plus our stamp sets, so here we go.

The Kit that I chose to use, is the Babycakes Paper KIt 

I chose the use the Washi Tape in four different ways. As a strip on the card, to cover the lid on the Kraft Container, add to a band to go around the container to which the bow will be attached, and to make a bow. 

1. Slate Polka Dot Washi Tape as strip on card 

2. Using Washi Tape to cover Kraft Container Lid
I cut the Washi Tape in 2 3/4" strips and laid them on a diagonal. Wrapping it over the top rolled edge and under the bottom and up to the inside of the lid. Then cutting a circle for top and lastly embellished the top with a flower and more Washi Tape.

3. Using Washi Tape to make a band.
I cut a piece of the alphabet B&T 4 3/4" by 10" and wrapped it around the container meeting the edges together rather than over lapping. Then I cut a piece of the Buttercup Cardstock 1" by 10", and a piece of the Sunset striped B&T 3/4" by 10" and centered and attached it to the Buttercup Cardstock. Lastly I attached a piece of the Slate Polka Dot Washi Tape to the center of the Sunset Striped B&T. I love the way the Sunset comes through the polka dots in the Washi Tape.

4. Using Washi Tape to make a bow.
I got the idea on another blog, but changed the size of the strips to fit the size bow I needed, and the steps an slightly to make it easier for me to assemble.First I cut 4 strips of computer paper 1/2" by 5 1/2", and 1 strip 1/2"  by 3". I used computer paper so that the strips would be pliable enough to bend to make the bow. I took 3 of the 5 1/2" long strips and covered one side with Slate Polka Dot Washi Tape, the 4th one I covered both sides as this one would be for making the figure 8 for the center.


After that I took one of the strips 5 1/2 inches long covered on one side and folded it in half and pushed it onto our paper piercer though and brought the right end over and  pushed it onto the paper piercer. Then I brought the left side over and
pushed it onto the paper piercer. Then I added 2 more strips doing the same thing

Then I took it all off the piercing tool and put a brad through the center.

Now to make the center of the bow which will consist of a circle and a figure 8. To make the circle which will be the very center of the bow, I used the 3" piece. I made a whole in each end and then wrapped it and pushed a brad through to hold it. I did not open the wings of the brad as it still needed the figure 8 piece attached. Next I took the 5 1/2" piece that was covered on both sides with Washi Tape. I made a hole in the center and each end. I pushed the brad through the hole at one end then bend the piece to form one end of the figure 8 and pushed the brad through the center. then I did the same thing with the other end and open the wings of the brad to hold it in place. Then I attached this to the bow loops and had made with some liquid glass.


Products used were :
X7173B Babycakes Paper Packet $9.95
X7173C Babycakes Complement $5.95
Z1883 My Creations Kraft Container $3.95
Z1817 Slate Polka-Dot Washi Tape $4.95
Z1701 Baker's Twine Neutral Assortment $4.95 
C1558 Wild Wonders $13.95

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  1. SUPER cute!! Very creative with the washi bow - I'm going to have to try that! perfect addition to a 3D project